Oil tourism

At Finca Las Manillas we are sure that the oil tourism experience at our facilities will surprise the traveler, it is staffed by tourism professionals and we have facilities fully adapted to any visitor.

Participation and fun with the collection and grinding (in campaign)

1. Visit our olive grove near the oil mill, in which the olive harvesting process will be explained, and the visitor can participate in it.

2. Subsequently, the fruit is transferred to the mill, where we will learn about the history of our company and the process of making our olive juices.

3. The visitor participates in the tasks of grinding the olives collected by him, taking as a gift a bottle of the ground extra virgin olive oil, with a personalized label.

Guided routes through olive groves and surroundings

We are in an area mixed with olive groves and meadows, which makes the landscape something unique, also the nearby swamps and its geography will make this experience an unforgettable day. A unique environment where you can enjoy different routes through the countryside to understand the characteristics of olive cultivation and the actions that are being carried out at that moment in its care and to enjoy the landscape that floods Finca Las Manillas.

Oil school

The objective of the Oleoescuela is to instill healthy eating habits in children, with extra virgin olive oil as the protagonist, a pillar of our Mediterranean diet. They will also be introduced to olive oil tasting, differentiating the main characteristics of the different varieties.

Pairing tastings of our products

At Finca Las Manillas we offer a tasting of our products, in which there will be a guided tour of the mill where the process of making our extra virgin olive juices will be explained and an introduction to the tasting and classification of olive oils will be made. Finally, a pairing tasting with our products, with the visitor receiving a gift of our Premium oil.

Sponsor one of our centenary olive trees

You will be able to sponsor an olive tree and receive the juice of the olive from its annual harvest, which is always of the highest quality. The godfather of the same will be able to put a plaque with the name he wishes, will receive information on all the care that is given to him and will be able to visit him once a year.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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