Noviembre is a limited edition, packaged in 500, 250 and 100 ml formats. Each bottle of our EVOO is subjected to strict quality control, verifying that demanding internal quality parameters are met before it is marketed.

The NOVIEMBRE oil juices, produced by Finca Las Manillas, are monovarietal extra virgin olive oils from early harvest, obtained from green olives from the upper area of the farm at the optimum moment of ripening of the fruit at the beginning of the campaign, through a careful selection of the same.

At Finca Las Manillas we take maximum care in the production of our extra virgin olive oils in order to highlight the main characteristics of the fruit from which they come. The olive is harvested mechanically and at night from the olive trees, looking for low temperatures, thus achieving the best aromas for this juice. The entire grinding process is carried out cold with a temperature range not exceeding 20ºC, which facilitates the preservation of the hallmark of the fruit and enhances all its aroma, flavor and colour.

The adequate proportion between the acidic and antioxidant profiles of our Noviembre EVOO is due, in addition to the varieties from which it is obtained, Picual and Arbequina, to the exquisite care taken in its preparation, aimed at respecting the natural characteristics of the fruits.

Noviembre, oil from Jaén

We want to pay tribute to our previous generations, maintaining their love and passion for the olive grove and the oil of Jaén, trying to instill that philosophy of life in our next generations, teaching them that there is only one way to live the olive grove: loving it intensely. Noviembre, Jaén oil par excellence, is our way of expressing this feeling.

Why Noviembre? We decided to name our EVOO NOVIEMBRE as a small tribute to our grandmother, a lover of the world of olive groves and EVOO, who loved this month, since she told us that it was the time of year in which the town of Arquillos (Jaén) came back to life and the traditional values around work in the fields and family unity were recovered, the smell of the fireplace, the noise of the tractors in the morning, the moment of unloading the olives upon arrival to the oil mill

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Noviembre Monovarietal Picual and Arbequina

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